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Graphics and External Links on Title Listings

Jeff Montgomery -

Per our publisher conduct guidelines, we ask that publishers not link to any external website from title pages on our site. You are of course free to link to your own site within the title itself or in the purchase notes for the title.

However, we do allow for use of graphics in your product descriptions as long as the URL used to link the photo is correct.

Link Graphics on Your Title Listing


First, go to your Publisher Hub under PUBLISH. Under TITLE MANAGEMENT, you may create a New Title Listing or Edit a Title Listing if you want to add a graphic to your already created title. 



Locate the Product Page Text (also known as your product description that allows customers to understand what your title is about). You may add text now in this box or you may add it after placing your graphic.



Click the graphic option (the picture of a tree) and a pop-up box will populate.



Insert your link to your image (whether it's on your website or an image storage like Photobucket). Click the next box (Image Description) and your image will generate in the preview as shown below.





You can choose to adjust the appearance of the image through the Appearance tab on the pop-up box. This will allow you to adjust the dimensions and the alignment of where you would like the graphic to go and how it interacts with the description text. 

When finished, click insert and it will show in the description box. From here, you can input your text into the box. Automatically, it will be adjusted to the left. If you'd like it centered, you will need to adjust it in the appearance tab. When finished, make sure you save your title listing. 

Note: It takes up to 15 minutes for changes to reflect on your actual product listing. If you do not see the change after that time, clear your cache and reload your product page (not the edit page).



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