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Improving the Publisher Page

Jeff Montgomery -

Your publisher page, also called your “storefront,” is the first and best place to separate yourself from the 1000+ other publishers on our site.

Publisher Logo

First, if you don't have a publisher logo, then you're missing out on a great opportunity to create a strong brand identity for yourself. Consider begging an artist friend or hiring a graphic artist to design a logo for you. Once you have one, you can upload it here:


Publisher Page Appearance

Second, take the time to craft a unique publisher info page description for yourself. The tool to use for this has recently been named aptly, "Manage publisher page appearance," and it can be now found under the PROMOTIONS section of your publisher tools. There you can set up an info page about your company and also about any imprints, product lines, etc. You can find that page here:

Before you can include any information about your various product lines, of course, you need to put them in place. For this, use the Manage your product line categories tool; then use the publisher page appearance tool, linked above, to set up descriptions for those categories, if you wish. You can manage your product line categories here:

Manage Footers

And finally, once you have your publisher page and your product lines organized and displayed prominently, you can also use the Manage footers for your products tool to build custom footers, either for individual products or for product lines. Footers are a great way to promote your other products, a whole product line, or cross promote with other vendors. You can manage footers for your titles here:

All of this does require a bit of work, but it also makes you look much more organized and professional when customers are browsing your store. For a good example of how this all might look, check out the Chaosium page on our site: Kudos to them for taking the time to build a great-looking storefront!


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