Exclusive or non-exclusive and how to change status

Jeff Montgomery -

Exclusive vs. non-exclusive refers to whether we are the exclusive reseller of your digital titles.
You may be exclusive with us and sell on your site as well (we do ask that you keep the price and value the same so customers do not feel cheated after buying one place vs the other).
You may be exclusive and sell your printed titles anywhere.

If you are exclusive with us, we ask that you remain exclusive for an entire year. Once it has been a year, we ask you notify us six months in advance to make the change and we will change your account over at the end of the six months.


   Exclusive  Non-Exclusive 
Earnings on digital sales  70% of customer price you set  65% of customer price you set 
Digital sales channels  Only resold through OneBookShelf Sold anywhere 
Earnings on printed sales  70% of print margin*  65% of print margin* 
Printed sales channels  Sold anywhere  Sold anywhere 
Enhanced title rotation  Yes  No 
Bonus on-site promotion  Yes  No 

* See this article for more information on earnings on print sales.

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