What's the difference between non-exclusive and exclusive?

Jeff Montgomery -

Exclusive v. non-exclusive refers to digital titles. You may be exclusive with us and sell on your personal site but we ask that you keep the price the same on both sites to give us a fair advantage to help in the selling of your title.


                                                            Download Exclusive                                     Download Non-Exclusive
Earnings on digital sales                    70% of customer price you set                        65% of customer price you set
Digital sales channels                        Only resold through DriveThruRPG.com        Sold anywhere
Earnings on printed sales                  70% of print margin*                                       65% of print margin*
Printed sales channels                      Sold anywhere                                                Sold anywhere
Enhanced title rotation                      Yes                                                                  No
Bonus on-site promotion                   Yes                                                                  No


* On the sale of your title in printed formats, which we print on demand to customer orders, you receive the percentage on the print margin of that sale; the print margin is the price the customer paid (as determined by you), minus the cost to print that title for the customer's order. Print costs are provided on publisher information pages.

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