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How do I create and manage bundles?

Jeff Montgomery -


You can create and manage bundles here: Create and Manage Bundles


This utility allows you to bundle multiple products into one purchase item and assign a discount to the bundle as an incentive to customers to purchase multiple products at once. You may also work with other publishers to bundle your titles together for cross-promotion.

You have three options.

1. Create a Bundle

2. Edit a Bundle

3. Add (or remove) one of your products from another Publisher's bundle.


Important Reminders

  • Adding/Removing products from a Bundle you create will not affect previous customer's orders.
  • A password is required if you want to add other publishers' products onto your Bundle.
  • You may mix and match POD and digital options on a Bundle.
  • If you're creating a charity bundle, you must notify Publisher Services before hand. They will adjust your royalties and make sure all steps are taken before you go live.
  • Once a Charity Bundle is live, we ask you not add more products because previous customers who purchased the Bundle will not be able to access the new products.
  • All Bundles have the "Complete Your Bundle Options".
    How "Complete Your Bundle" pricing works: If someone has already purchased a particular title from you, and then you offer that title at a reduced price in a bundle, then the customer would be able to purchase the bundle at a reduced price, with the "bundle price" of the already-owned item deducted from the total bundle price.For example, say I have Items A, B, and C that normally sell for $10 each, and then I make a bundle that offers all three for 20% off, with a total of $24 (i.e., $8 per title). If a customer had purchased Item B from me already, at the full $10, then if they buy the bundle, they would pay only $16 for it, i.e., receiving just Items A and C at their bundle price of $8 each.


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