How do I manage titles on sister sites?

Jeff Montgomery -

You can manage your titles that appear on sister sites here: Manage Titles that appear on sister sites

Are my products appropriate for other sites?
Please consider very carefully your choice to list on other sites. Only titles that have clear and significant tie-ins should be cross-listed. For example, even though our roleplaying game sites have categories for fiction and for horror genre, this does not mean that every horror novel should be cross-listed from DriveThruHorror to DriveThruRPG. Only novels that have a clear tie-in to a roleplaying game line (e.g. Vampire the Masquerade novels) belong cross-listed on the roleplaying game sites. Similarly a fantasy roleplaying product does not belong on DriveThruFantasy which is for fiction prose, not roleplaying games. Please restrict products without tie-ins only to the site where they best belong.

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