Printed Card Formats & Costs

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Card Stocks

Premium Stock: 11.4-pt. thickness, 310 gsm black core card stock from German paper manufacturer Koehler.

Embossed Stock: 11.0-pt. (280 micrometers) thickness, 320 gsm, black core card stock from German paper manufacturer Koehler. Embossed cards incorporate a subtle raised texture that creates air pockets for easier shuffling and dealing.

Small Poster: Glossy Deluxe 100# text paper. (Folded once for shipment. Square corners, single-sided.)

Card Print Costs

Our low-volume (base) per/card print costs are below. Or, go to our Card Print Cost Calculator to get base print costs and volume tiered discounts.

Low-volume (Base) Card Costs

Card Size Premium Stock Cost/Card Embossed Stock Cost/Card
US Poker (2.5” x 3.5”) $0.095 $0.10
Euro Poker (63mm x 88mm) 0.095 n/a
Mini (1.625” x 2.5”) 0.075 n/a
Tarot (2.75" x 4.75") 0.17 0.19
Tile (6” x 6”) 0.25 n/a
Tile (8” x 10”) 0.52 n/a
Page (8.5” x 11”, one-sided, no UV coating) 0.42 n/a
Small Poster (12” x 18”, glossy deluxe 100# text paper)



*All print costs are in U.S. Dollars (USD)

  • Minimum order quantity: 10 cards.
  • Decks of 10-60 cards are wrapped in a one-inch cellophane band. Decks larger than 60 cards are double-banded.
  • Due to banding equipment limitations, we discourage packs of 2-9 cards (this does not apply to posters). If you have a few card singles, you should prepare the files as separate 1-card PDFs. If you have a pack that is 7 or so cards, consider nudging that up to 10 cards.
  • Low-volume decks of 10 or more cards come with a production control card. This card allows for order tracking on our production floor. You are not charged for this card.
  • Prices are rounded to the nearest cent per item for single-card orders. For example, a mini-sized single-card order on Premium Stock will round to $0.08/card per card instead of $0.075/card.
  • Shipping is additional. For rough low-volume shipping estimates, please visit here.

Tiered Volume Discounts

The discount tier is based on a single line-item’s total value (inclusive of low-volume per/card costs, tuckboxes, shrink-wrap, and/or deckboxes) and is calculated as follows. (The Card Print Cost Calculator offers helpful notations about the quantity needed to reach the next-highest discount threshold to increase your volume discount.)

Order Line
Order Line
Discount %
$175.00 5%
$250.00 10%
$350.00 15%
$500.00 20%
$750.00 25%
$1500.00 30%
$3500.00 33%

*All print costs are in U.S. Dollars (USD)
**High-volume pricing changed as of Aug 1, 2021.

  • Each “line item” is a unique product in your order, regardless of the quantity of that item ordered. Whether you order 1 or 100 copies of that product in the same order, it is still one line item.
  • In an order with different products in different quantities (and thus different costs per line), each line item of the order might qualify for different levels of high-volume discount.
  • Order must ship to one destination.
  • No volume discounts for decks of 2 to 9 cards. No volume discounts for 8.5" x 11" Screen Inserts or GM Screens.
  • The production control card is removed from each deck.
  • Small posters are treated as cards (1 poster = 1 card), except that poster titles containing 2 to 9 posters are allowed in volume orders.
  • Prices are rounded to the nearest cent per item in the order. For example, a tiered quantity of a single Poker card on Premium Stock will round to $0.10/card per card instead of $0.095/card.


  • You order 75 copies of a title’s 54-card Poker deck (Premium stock) + 54-card custom tuckbox. The low-volume (base) print cost is $7.38 [($0.095 * 54) + $2.25]. The total cost of that line item is $553.50. After the 20% tier discount is applied, the high-volume cost to you is $442.80 ($5.90/deck).

Card Finishes

Rounded Corners / Low-gloss UV Coating / Double-sided: US Poker, European Poker, Mini, Tarot.

Square Corners / Low-gloss UV Coating / Double-sided: Tile 6" x 6", Tile 8" x 10".

Square Corners / No UV Coating / Single-sided: Page 8.5" x 11". Lack of coating allows for gluing; intended for 3D model products.

POD Playing Cards Cost Comparison

How do our card print costs and tuckboxes stack up against the competition? Be sure to check out this blog.

Additional Details

  • No common card back or common border bleed color required.
  • No specific card multiple in a deck required. (For example, you do not have to print in 18-card sheet multiples. Your deck can be any multiple of a single promo card, a pack of 10 cards, 37 cards, 51 cards, 181 cards, etc.)
  • Decks of 10 cards or more come banded in a single clear one-inch cellophane band. Decks above 60 cards are banded horizontally and vertically.
  • We offer high-quality, clear plastic deckboxes.
  • We offer custom-printed tuckboxes.



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