Packaging: Tuckboxes and Deckboxes

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Plastic Deckboxes

We offer two clear plastic deckboxes (70 cards, 120 cards) that a customer/publisher can order at checkout.

Tuckbox Costs

Our low- and high-volume per/tuckbox production costs are below. Or, go to our Card Print Cost Calculator to get complete deck + tuckbox costs.  

Custom-printed Tuckboxes

 Tuckbox Size Low-volume Cost/Tuck (USD) High-volume Cost/Tuck (USD)
     54 cards $2.25 $1.50
     72 cards $2.50 $1.85
     90 cards $2.50 $1.85
   120 cards $2.50 $1.85
Tarot (80 cards) $2.50 $1.85
  • Offered for US Poker, Euro Poker, Tarot. (Currently, publishers can use our Poker-size tuckboxes for Bridge cards.)
  • Produced using a strong 130# silk, 14.7-pt. thickness, 350gsm card stock.
  • Feature a unique no-glue design with a double-walled back to provide extra reinforcement. The quality of our no-glue tuckboxes can withstand being even a few cards short of the tuckbox's size. So, it's OK if, say, your 115-card deck goes into the 120-card tuckbox.
  • Ships assembled with decks inserted.
  • High-volume, publisher-direct orders must meet the 5,000-card minimum. More about our high-volume pricing.
  • Shrink-wrap: You can add shrink-wrapping to high-volume deck + tuckbox orders. This is an optional add-on for $0.40/deck.

Tuckbox Production Timeline

[Updated June 2018] All orders with tuckboxes will be run on Monday, with production assembly on Wednesday/Thursday and shipment occurring on Thursday/Friday.

So, if you want to work that timeline properly, place tuckbox orders no later than Sunday at 7:00 p.m. (EST). Orders with tuckboxes placed after this time will not be processed until the following Monday.

Tuckbox Specifications and Templates

You will need to prepare your tuckbox PDF using InDesign, Illustrator, or Affinity Publisher. (Due to required specifications, use of only Photoshop to prepare/output your tuckbox PDF is not recommended.)

Tuckbox Size InDesign Template Illustrator Template Affinity Template
54 cards Get this template Get this template Get this template
72 cards Get this template Get this template Get this template
90 cards Get this template Get this template Get this template
120 cards Get this template Get this template Get this template
Tarot (80 cards) Get Tarot template Get Tarot template Get Tarot template

Blank Tuckboxes

Can't use the above programs to design a custom tuckbox? Yet you want your deck delivered inside a tuckbox? You can use these ready-to-upload blank (white) tuckbox PDFs.

Blank (White) Tuckbox PDFs
54-card BLANK
72-card BLANK
90-card BLANK
120-card BLANK

Tuckbox Card Counts

Real-world testing of the Tarot tuckbox shows that in can fit up to 84 Premium stock cards.

Tuckbox Samples

Watch a video of a tuckbox in action. (Video courtesy of Igpay Games.)





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