E-Mail customers to notify them of your project

Jeff Montgomery -

While onsite advertising is reserved for those titles actively available for sale in our marketplace, you can contact Publisher Services to have an email sent out to your DriveThruRPG (or DriveThruCards, DriveThruFiction, etc.) customers to alert them to your crowdfunding project.

The requirements for project promotion emails are as follows:

  • Promotional emails can only be sent to your existing customers (i.e., customers who have ordered other products of yours through DriveThru sites).
  • We ask that you include a "fulfilled by" graphic visibly on your crowdfunding campaign's front page.
  • You may have us send up to two emails via our customer email tool per crowdfunding campaign (usually one at the beginning and sometimes one at the end).
  • To send an email, contact Publisher Relations with the following information and guidelines:
    1. Your intended email copy, including subject line.
    2. Ideally 1-2 graphics to make your email stand out (144DPI max please).
    3. Allow minimum two (2) business days for us to construct and send your email. 
  • Only projects being fulfilled through DriveThru sites may be promoted via customer email.
  • OneBookShelf (the parent company for all DriveThru sites) reserves the right to reject any email from being sent for any reason.



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