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Send an e-mail to customers

Jeff Montgomery -

When you want to reach out to your customer base, you use the Send e-mail to customers tool.

This feature allows you to send emails to your customers (people who have already purchased your titles from us). It is typically used to entice them to buy a new title or send them a special discount on another title.

If you have not set-up any special discounts yet, you might want to go to the Special Discount Tool and create one first before proceeding. You may select customers who bought specific titles, or a group of titles, or customers who bought any of your titles, or even those who have bought titles X and Y but have yet to purchase titles Z.

  • Customers have the option to disable your contact with them directly and to determine whether you're allowed to see their name and/or email address or not. Sending them email too frequently will cause many customers to turn you off completely.
  • We provide this tool so you can target customers and improve your sales on our websites. Please do not send emails to customers that direct them to other websites (even your own). If you have any questions on this please feel free to contact us at
  • To use this email tool, first select your customer criteria to determine which customers you want to reach with your email, then further below, enter your email message and send it off.
  • These emails get queued, so please do not send the same mail more than once under any circumstances.
  • When you click the 'Send Email' button your email is queued up on our server and begins to process immediately. It cannot be stopped.

You will receive an email when your mailing is complete. (You may need to check your junk/spam folders for this email.) If you do not receive the completion email within a few hours of starting your mailing, please contact publisher service. Resending the same email may result in spamming your customers and risks prompting them to unsubscribe from your future mailings.


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