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The blanket permission list (BPL) was formerly an internal document managed by OneBookShelf administrators. Publishers who agreed to be added to the list permitted OBS to offer their digital titles at discounts of up to 40% off the normal price; it was used only for larger site-wide sales and promotions that occurred not more than a few times per year.

The BPL does not apply to print-on-demand books, cards, posters, etc.

Today, rather than maintaining a BPL document, we rely on the “Opt In or out of site-wide sales” tool for this same purpose. As a publisher, using this tool, you can choose whether or not you wish to have your titles included in larger site-wide OneBookShelf promotions. You can also exempt particular titles in your product catalog from inclusion even if, generally, you would like to have your catalog included in our sales.

NOTE: Opting in for sales does not guarantee that your titles will necessarily be included in all future sales. It means that you have given us permission to include your titles if we can use them. If we're running a sale on science fiction titles and you don't have any science fiction titles, then your titles would not be included in the sale.

Opt-Ins for Community Content Authors
Community content authors also have the ability to opt in their titles for a higher discount in sitewide sales. Per the community content author agreement, we have permission to discount those titles at up to 40% off. However, community authors can choose to opt in their titles for inclusion in sales at up to 80% off, regardless of the publisher settings for the core game line that powers that community. 
This means that even if you, the publisher, do not choose to opt into sitewide sales, the community-created titles for your game can still be included in sitewide sales at discounts of up to 40%. Similarly, even if you choose to opt out, or if your option is for only up to 40% discounts, community authors creating content for your game line can still opt in to have those titles discounted at up to 80% off. 

Questions? Concerns?

If you have any questions about the “Opt In or out of site-wide sales” tool or about OneBookShelf’s promotions generally, please contact scott@onebookshelf.com.

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