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Opt In or Out of Sales

Jeff Montgomery -

As a publisher, using the “Opt In or out of site-wide sales” tool (under the Promotion header on your Publisher Hub), you can choose whether or not you wish to have your titles included in OneBookShelf promotions. You can also choose to exempt certain titles or product lines in your catalog from inclusion in such promotions, even if you would like to have the rest of your catalog included.

Opting in a title does not apply to print-on-demand formats of that title (books, cards, posters, etc.). Only your digital versions are affected. 

NOTE: Opting in for site-wide promotions does not guarantee that your titles will necessarily be included in all future promotions. It means that you have given us permission to include your titles if we can use them. For example, if we run a sale in the science fiction genre and you don't have any science fiction titles, then your titles would not be included in the sale; if you have only a few science fiction titles among others from other genres, we would include the eligible ones, but not any others.

Deep Discounts

As of January 2020, we also included the ability for publishers to opt in at discounts of up to 80% off. Years of postmortem analyses of site promotions have shown that, as a rule, the more deeply you discount a title in the short term (up to about two weeks), the more total revenue you will earn. Further, the increased revenue your title earns does not result in diminished sales in the long term; for about a month after the promotion ends, the title’s revenue may dip slightly, but after that it returns to normal pre-sale averages.

Better yet, you will broaden your reach and lengthen your customer email list for follow-up targeted marketing, since many people will have purchased your title during the sale.  

Note that we normally deeply discount only a single title from your catalog, or perhaps a small bundle of related items, but not your entire catalog. We might, for example, include one of your titles at 75% off as a “doorcrasher” special in a major sale, while discounting several other titles in your catalog at 25% off for that same promotional period. 

For more information on pricing, you can read this blog post (and also this one).

Opting In for Community Content Authors

As a community content author, you can also opt in your titles for a deeper discount in sitewide sales. You can find this tool via your Account page, under the My Content section, in “Promotion Tools.” There, one of your options is “Opt In/Out of Site-Wide Sales.” 

Per the community content author agreement, we already have permission to discount any community-created titles at up to 40% off. However, you can choose to opt your titles in for inclusion at up to 80% off, regardless of the publisher settings for the core game line that powers that community.

Thus, even if the publisher does not opt to take part in sitewide sales, your community-created titles may still be included in sitewide sales at discounts of up to 40%. Similarly, if the publisher has opted out of site-wide sales, or if they opt in for only up to 40% discounts, you can opt your own content for that game line in at up to 80% off.

As noted above, we normally discount only single titles or perhaps a few select titles above 40% during promotions. Opting in at the 80% off discount level provides us the option to spotlight a handful of titles and thus entice buyers to come and peruse the wares. 


Questions? Concerns?

If you have any questions about the “Opt In or out of site-wide sales” tool or about OneBookShelf’s promotions generally, please contact


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