Walkthrough to set up a CARD title

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Step-by-step Walkthrough for Cards

You first need to set up a title record

1) From your Publisher Hub, select TITLE MANAGEMENT>Set up a new title.

2) If you’re only printing with us, you still need basic title information:

a) Title
b) Number of cards (cards in the deck, not number of PDF pages)
c) $0.00 for PDF price (whether or not you are uploading a downloadable print-n-play PDF)
d) Cover image (you can use this placeholder cover to make things easy)
e) Check at least one Category Assignment filter. (You may also checkbox other filters that best describe your card product.)
f) CLICK Save Title Data and Continue to Preview Description

3) OPTIONAL. If you intend to sell your printed cards on DriveThru, include additional information:

a) Author(s) and Artist(s).
b) Provide a write-up in the Product Page Text area.
c) You may include a game-play or tutorial Video URL.
d) You may include a Purchase Note. (Thank customers, suggestively sell another product, etc.)
e) CLICK Save Title Data and Continue to Preview Description.

4) The next page shows a series of technical line items, plus a Description Preview. If all looks good, click Save and Continue.


Upload your file (or see below if not ready to upload)

1) On the resulting page, click Upload print-ready file.
2) Select product from the drop-down menu.
3) Choose Card Type. (You'll choose both card size and card stock.)
4) Click Enter New Print Option. You will be taken to the upload screen.
5) Click Select File to Add. Choose your print-ready PDF. Soon, upload complete message appears.
6) If tuckbox not desired, click Continue.
7) If custom-printed tuckbox is desired:

a) Choose tuckbox size from the drop-down menu. (For example, Yes, 54-card tuckbox.)
b) Click Select File to Add. Choose your tuckbox PDF. Soon, upload complete message appears.
c) Click Continue.


Set pricing

1) If you’re only printing with us, click Complete Setup.
2) If you intend to sell on DriveThru’s marketplace, input Margin above Print Cost to set Selling Price. And click Complete Setup.


Order a proof

From your Publisher Hub, click Order. (Proof required prior to placing a larger order or prior to activating a title for sale.)


Additional options

  • Not ready to upload a print-ready PDF during initial setup?

You may upload at a later time. From your Publisher Hub, Add new format and follow the prompts.

  • Do you want to offer a digital print-n-play?

1) During initial setup, click Upload digital files.
2) Or, later, from your Publisher Hub, click either Add download or TITLE MANAGEMENT>Update digital download files for a title.

  • How do I upload a rulebook (rulesheet)?

1) During initial setup, click Upload rulebook file.
2) Or, later, from your Publisher Hub, click CARD PRINTING>Upload rulebook and manage previews. Follow the prompts.
3) A View Rulebook link will now appear under your cover image.

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