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Complimentary Copy FAQs

Jeff Montgomery -

When sending Complimentary Copies to customers, whether they are digital or print on demand, there are a few key piece of information to remember when communicating with your customers. 

My customer didn't get their digital comp copy.

When a publisher sends a large comp copy mailing, naturally not every customers will get an e-mail from our server due to spam filtering. When updating your customers on the sending of their digital rewards, you should be notifying them as soon as it has finished sending. 


We’ve sent out the digital reward through DriveThruRPG. You should have now received an email with instructions for claiming the reward.

If the email does not arrive then please check your spam folder. 

If you still do not get the email, and you have a DriveThruRPG account (under the email you provided us with your backer pledge), then you can go to this page on DriveThruRPG:

And find the free download link in your DriveThruRPG inbox there.

If you don’t have the email and you do not have a DriveThruRPG account, then you contact us. We have a log of everyone’s unique download code.

My customer received a damaged print on demand book.

If the customer receives a damaged book, we are happy to replace it. 

We will need:

  1. The order #
  2. The address of the customer
  3. The Batch ID # (this number is found on the second to last page on the bottom left corner) 
  4. Pictures of the damaged book(s).

The customer can contact Customer Service to issue a replacement copy.

My customer didn't receive their print on demand book.

We ask that your customer waits a maximum of 14 business days before contacting us. Our printer will not issue a replacement until the 14 business days has been met. Sometimes, shipping and printing delays occur due to a variety of reasons. If it has been 14 business days, we will need:

  1. The order #
  2. The address of the customer (to verify we are sending it to the right place)

My book has some errors but I already sent out the print on demand comp copies. Can I upload a new version for them to receive instead?

No, print on demand orders begin processing the same day you submit them. The process is highly automated and there’s no cancelling orders once placed.

I put in the wrong address for a customer.

OneBookShelf is not responsible for replacing print on demand books or cards if the customer's address is typed incorrectly. Please make sure to double-check addresses with your backers or replacements will be at the cost of the publisher.
We will, however, replace books that did not make it to the address entered, are damaged, or are printed incorrectly. 


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