Report PayPal income without a 1099-MISC

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We do not include any payments made via PayPal in Form 1099-MISC. The Internal Revenue Service does not require us to include payments made via PayPal within Form 1099-MISC; consequently, we do not include these payments.

However, please be aware the Internal Revenue Service does require PayPal to send you a separate, Form 1099-K for PayPal payments when both of these are true: a) payments into your PayPal account total more than $20,000 and b) the total number of payments exceed 200, within a calendar year.

It is therefore likely that many Publishers will not meet the thresholds for PayPal to send a Form 1099-K. In this case, Publishers will neither receive a Form 1099-K from PayPal, nor will they receive a Form 1099-MISC from us which includes their payments made via PayPal.

Taxpayers can then self-report this royalty income by going to their publisher’s Payment History page and total their payment amounts made via PayPal during the calendar year. For purposes of reporting this income, OneBookShelf’s information is:

OneBookShelf Inc.

4593 Hancock Way SW

Lilburn, GA 30317

EIN: 20-5670573 

For publishers who also receive licensor or freelancer royalties into their customer account and take withdrawals via PayPal from your customer account, you would also want to visit your Account page and look at your customer account payment history report under the My Money section of the Account page to get that additional total paid via PayPal during the calendar year.

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