Publisher Verification and Verified Status

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What is Verified vs. Unverified?

Every publisher at DriveThruRPG starts out as an Unverified publisher. This to insure that all new publishers have become accustomed to the basic tools. An Unverified publisher has access to most tools but will see a lock symbol next to some that are unavailable. In addition, when hitting the Make Public button new titles will go into review instead of going public immediately. An Unverified publisher cannot manually initiate a Paypal withdrawal of publisher earnings, but automatic end-of-month payment by check or PayPal is available.

Once a publisher has met our requirements to become Verified, they will be given access to more advanced tools.

How do I become Verified?

Our guidelines to become Verified are:

  • being a publisher for at least one month
  • have at least 2-3 public products.

If you have hit both of these marks and have not been Verified, please contact Publisher Services at Depending on circumstances, these guidelines can be discussed further with your Publisher Service Representative.

How long will it take for my new titles to be approved while I am Unverified

Typically 1-3 business days. For more details please see our article How long does it take for my digital title to be approved?

What if I need to use a tool like making a bundle before I’m Verified?

We regret that some tools are not available while you are Unverified. That being said, if you have an urgent need to use a locked tool please contact Publisher Services at

Is it possible to go from being Verified to Unverified?

In some cases where a publisher has demonstrated that they cannot or will not use the tools properly, they may be changed to Unverified status for a specific or indefinite amount of time. The terms of this are determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the reason for the change of status.

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