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Offering titles to retailers or distributors

Jeff Montgomery -

Will I be able to offer titles to retailers or distributors?

Offering retailers and distributors a chance to order your titles straight from our marketplaces is within our long-term plans, but is not something immediately offered to publishers. However, there are a couple of decent workarounds.

Publishers do have the ability to create a special discount URL that, when clicked, inserts a product into a customer’s shopping cart at a pre-determined price. Publishers conventionally use the Create Special Discounts tool to offer a sale on a specific product. However, you could use this tool to offer retailers or distributors copies of your title at a reduced price so that they can then mark it up and make a bit of profit for both of you when they sell copies.

This discount will not match the margin retailers are used to from traditional distribution, but it still gives them a chance to get some titles that are not otherwise available in the retail chain.


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