Bestseller metals, and how to earn badges

Jeff Montgomery -

When one of your titles sells a certain number of units and reaches a designated threshold, it gets marked as a bestselling title on the relevant OneBookShelf site(s). This status is distinguished by badges marked with a type of precious metal. These bestseller badges are commonly referred to as “metal badges.”

There are a few caveats regarding sales thresholds:

  1. For this purpose, unit sales are counted on each unique site. For example, if your title has sold 103 total copies, but four of those copies sold on Wargame Vault and the other 99 sold on DriveThruRPG, your title will remain Copper on DriveThruRPG until it sells 101 copies on just DriveThruRPG.
  2. Even if your title isn’t listed on more than one DriveThru site, customers’ carts and wishlists are common across sites. Thus, a customer might add your title on one site, then complete their checkout on a different site where your title is not normally listed. In that case, the sale would register as being on the final checkout site rather than the site where your title was listed.
  3. Free copies, complimentary copies, and print-on-demand titles purchased at cost do NOT count toward these unit sales.

If you have recently passed the threshold and do not see a metal badge yet, please wait 24 hours before contacting publisher services; our servers sometimes need time to recalculate to award metal badges.

Here are the thresholds needed to earn each badge:

  • Copper: 51 units sold
  • Silver: 101
  • Electrum: 251
  • Gold: 501
  • Platinum: 1,001
  • Mithral: 2,501
  • Adamantine: 5,001
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