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Bestseller metals, and how to earn badges

Jeff Montgomery -

When one of your titles sells a certain number of units and reaches a designated threshold, it gets marked as a bestselling title on the relevant OneBookShelf site(s). This status is distinguished by badges marked with a type of precious metal. These bestseller badges are commonly referred to as "metal badges" or "metal rankings." Badge graphics to use for marketing are available for download.

As of March 26, 2020, metal rankings are merged across all sites, as opposed to being counted uniquely per site. No matter what OneBookShelf site you visit or where customers might have purchased your title, it will show the same metal ranking on all sites. 

As we made this change, we also implemented one other, intended to limit abuses of the metal ranking system. Now, in order for a title to qualify for inclusion toward rankings, it must have sold for a minimum of $0.20 USD. Titles purchased at a lower sale price will not be counted. This change was applied retroactively to all titles sold in the past, as well. 

If you have recently passed a threshold and do not yet see the proper metal badge, please wait 24 hours before contacting publisher services; our servers sometimes need time to recalculate and award metal badges.

Here are the thresholds needed to earn each badge:

  • Copper: 51 units sold
  • Silver: 101
  • Electrum: 251
  • Gold: 501
  • Platinum: 1,001
  • Mithral: 2,501
  • Adamantine: 5,001

NOTE! Titles sold prior to the title's first release date (such as titles sent out to Kickstarter backers, even if they are paid copies and not comps) do not count toward metal rankings. 


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