List of Charities

Jeff Montgomery -

Currently, charity bundles and titles are listed here:

If you want your charity title/bundle proceeds to go to one of the charities listed below, you can use the Freelancer Royalty Tool to set up an AutoPay royalty to the email provided below for that charity. OneBookShelf has accounts on site set-up for these charities, and the autopay royalty will send the money to those accounts and OneBookShelf will automatically make payment to the charity. Normally, this autopay royalty is set-up at 95% (after your publisher service rep here at OneBookShelf has modified your charity title to have a 95% rate).

To be clear, you can support other charities with your title or bundle as well, but then you will need to take payment directly from OneBookShelf and make the donation to your other chosen charity yourself.

Child's Play

Doctors Without Borders

Extra Life

Hero Initiative

NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund


Red Nose Day

RPG Creators Relief Fund

Random Acts

Take This 



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