How do I sell adventures built for Astral TableTop on OneBookShelf?

Jeff Montgomery -

OneBookShelf has partnered with Astral TableTop to allow you to sell game "modules" on OneBookShelf sites such as DriveThruRPG. When a customer buys your Astral module on DriveThruRPG, they receive a unique link that allows them to unlock that module in their Astral account; thereafter, they can create complete game instances in their personal Astral account that are copies of the game you created in Astral.

For Community Content Creators creating Astral modules for some of the most popular rpgs, check out this article:

For publishers, the process works like this (note, this process assumes you are familiar with Astral, or working with someone who is):

1. Create your account on Astral. 

2. Create your game in Astral complete with your maps, character sheets, tokens, handouts, etc.

3. Follow Astral's instructions for how to create your publisher account on Astral. (We recommend following those instructions, but for convenience, here is a direct link to your Astral publisher page.)

4. Turn your created game into a module. At the end of that simple process, you will have a long alpha-numeric code that is your “module ID.” It will appear something like this:



4. Return to your publisher account at DriveThruRPG (If you don't yet have a OneBookShelf publisher account you can create one here. This is separate from your Astral publisher account), and use the "Set up a New Title" tool from your Publisher Hub as usual. You'll want a cover image and product description that explains and sells your title to customers.

Under the "Optional Information" section near the end of entering your new title's information, there will be a field where you can input the Astral module ID you received in step 3 above on the Astral site.


That's all there is to it. Your new title is otherwise treated as a normal digital title on DriveThruRPG, but it will be flagged in our system as an Astral-enabled module and be treated accordingly on site. You receive your normal publisher royalty on all such sales.

If your Astral module is a conversion of one of your existing titles that is also available in PDF or other formats on DriveThruRPG, then we recommend using the “Manage bundles” tool in your Publisher Hub to create a bundle item, which should contain both the original title in PDF format and the Astral module for that title. That way, customers can purchase both versions together (possibly at some bundle discount, as you determine).


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