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Subscription Crowdfunding Policy

Jeff Montgomery -

What if your project is ongoing, such as with Patreon, SubscribeStar, Ko-fi, etc.? We are still happy to work with you to help your customers, whether you are an exclusive publisher with OneBookShelf or not.

However, relative to other campaign-based crowdsourcing or crowdfunding campaigns, here there some slightly different options to take into account.


Add our "fulfilled by DriveThruRPG" graphic (or the variation on that graphic that's most relevant to your content, such as DriveThruFiction or DriveThruCards) on your crowdfunding home page. 

You may use any of the images on this page.


Use our tools and services, such as the Complimentary Copy tool, to fulfill titles to your patrons or backers. After doing so, your title will already be set up, so we recommend making it public for sale on our site. For some titles, it may make more sense to have them as Pay What You Want titles.

You can share with your patrons previews, snippets, and teasers of upcoming content that you don't publish through OneBookShelf sites, but we ask that all final drafts or editions be distributed through us. 


You can send up to one email per year using the Publisher Hub email tools on our site promoting your project. As with other crowdfunded projects, contact your customer service representative to get these messages sent out.

Checklist If Fulfilling With DTRPG

  • A "fulfilled by DTRPG" logo on your crowdfunding page must be included if you are planning to use DTRPG tools for your crowdfunding.
  • You can't link to any crowdfunding site or service anywhere on our site, but you can include a crowdfunding site link in Purchase Notes for products.
  • You must deliver titles to your patrons via our tools.
  • You can share previews, etc. on the crowdfunding site, such as one chapter out of many, or glimpses of multiple chapters, but not virtually the whole product.
    • A book that has been shared almost in its entirety but that "has gone through lots of revisions and editing, with some new material" goes against this rule.
  • The final content delivery must come through DTRPG.
  • You can send one customer mail to customers to advertise your crowdfunding subscription annually. (Send your email subject line and text to, giving us at least 2 business days' notice, and we will send it for you.)
  • You can offer OneBookShelf (DriveThruRPG, DriveThruCards, etc.) discount links to patrons that direct them back to our store to buy other items from us at a reduced price.


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